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Version: 0.2.0


A task is being cloned/forked. This means that a new task will be created on the system.

new task
  • The information related to the new task (i.e. cloned/forked) will appear under the .info.task section of this event.
  • If there is not execve following, the executable of the task remains the same
  • .data.flags is the flags mask (c.f. manual) passed to clone
"data": {
"ancestors": "/usr/lib/systemd/systemd|/usr/bin/login|/usr/bin/zsh|/usr/bin/bash|/usr/bin/xinit|/usr/bin/i3|/usr/bin/bash|/usr/bin/urxvt",
"command_line": "zsh",
"exe": {
"file": "/usr/bin/zsh"
"flags": "0x1200000"
"info": {
"host": "...",
"event": {
"source": "kunai",
"id": 6,
"name": "clone",
"uuid": "ecccb270-b631-84e6-f23a-5b31696e1792",
"batch": 276
"task": "...",
"parent_task": "...",
"utc_time": "2024-02-13T08:35:10.801423351Z"