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Version: 0.2.0


This event gets generated whenever a file is read.

  • If consecutive read operations are made on the same file, only one event will be generated for a given task.
  • Events gets generated on read variant syscalls. It means a file just being opened with open kind of syscalls won't generate any event until being actually read.

If you decide to enable these events (disabled by default), you must be aware that they are going to be a lot. Please make sure you have read the configuration section.

"data": {
"ancestors": "/usr/lib/systemd/systemd|/usr/bin/login|/usr/bin/zsh|/usr/bin/bash|/usr/bin/xinit|/usr/bin/i3|/usr/bin/bash|/usr/bin/urxvt|/usr/bin/zsh|/usr/bin/zsh",
"command_line": "git diff --no-ext-diff --ignore-submodules=dirty --quiet --exit-code",
"exe": {
"file": "/usr/bin/git"
"path": "/usr/lib/"
"info": {
"host": "...",
"event": {
"source": "kunai",
"id": 81,
"name": "read",
"uuid": "902d47f1-dd0b-0313-582b-2083ba0fee1c",
"batch": 65
"task": "...",
"parent_task": "...",
"utc_time": "2024-02-12T21:58:22.097038200Z"