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Version: 0.2.0


This event gets generated whenever a file is write.


If consecutive write operations are made on the same file, only one event will be generated for a given task.


If you decide to enable these events (disabled by default), you must be aware that they are going to be a lot. Please make sure you have read the configuration section.

"data": {
"ancestors": "/usr/lib/systemd/systemd|/usr/bin/login|/usr/bin/zsh|/usr/bin/bash|/usr/bin/xinit|/usr/bin/i3|/usr/bin/bash|/usr/bin/urxvt|/usr/bin/zsh|/usr/bin/bash|/usr/bin/gcc",
"command_line": "as --64 -o /tmp/cc5SLgFb.o /tmp/ccDONlAi.s",
"exe": {
"file": "/usr/bin/as"
"path": "/tmp/cc5SLgFb.o"
"info": {
"host": "...",
"event": {
"source": "kunai",
"id": 83,
"name": "write",
"uuid": "4d118514-c06d-9699-b2cd-f33fdb94c494",
"batch": 67
"task": "...",
"parent_task": "...",
"utc_time": "2024-02-12T21:58:23.237691754Z"